Lean-to Pergola Paula with Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Timber Lean to Pergola Paula With Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

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    Lean-to Pergola Paula with Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

    We are a nationwide manufacturer and supplier of pergolas, carports and canopies. Save money and order yours directly with us.

    Are you looking for a specific size of a pergola to fit your space? Get in touch as we are a direct manufacturer and can produce the build to meet your specific requirements. We can adjust width, length and height of our pergolas as well as thickness of timber to be used.

    Lean-to pergola Paula offers ample of outdoor space, which can be decorated and furnished to enhance its already beautiful design. The front supporting beam rests on top of the posts and braces giving its structural minimal but heavy duty look. 

    Get your ideal space for your afternoon cup of tea now and enjoy it for many many years to come.

    Material: Treated C24 structural timber
    Roofing: Durable multiwall polycarbonate sheets with a UV filter
    Guttering: All required pieces included

    Choose Colour of Your Roofing Sheets
    Choose Colour of Your Glazing Bars
    Anthracite Grey

    Main specs:

    • made of C24 treated timber
    • comes with metal spikes or bolt down post supports depending on the type of your site
    • 10mm polycarbonate roofing sheets available in bronze, opal or clear for you to choose. 16mm are also available upon request
    • glazing bars, F sections and End sections to complete your roofing available in brown or white for you to choose
    • professional structural timber wafer screws and other necessary fixings included
    • gutters
    • professional butyl flashing tape
    • video manual on how to assemble the pergola (if you order self-assembly kit only)

    Our pergolas come unpainted in natural timber colour. However, it is adviseable to paint it with exterior paint after the installation. 

    Get your ideal space for your afternoon cup of tea now and enjoy it for many many years to come.

    All of the pictures in the listings are from real installations.

    The pergola Paula is produced by the leading manufacturer of timber pergolas, TG Crafters, who offer fully bespoke heavy duty timber structures crafted in their workshop and delivered across UK.

    The pergola can be installed on any type of surface whether you have got slabs, concrete, decking or grass, which will save you time and money on prep work, which an aluminium kit would require.

    Our products are superior to any off the shelf solutions as they are heavy duty and quality builds, which come with all the bits and pieces you will need for your installation.

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