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Frequently Asked Questions

Although our timber pergolas can be installed on any type of surface, it is vital for us to consider what type of the wall it would be attached to. What is the type of material your property is made of? Our structures are best suited to be attached to any brick wall which has not been rendered. Render often makes it more difficult to ensure 100% watertight finish along the wall due to its stony structure. Also, before giving you a final quote, we will need to take into account the number of pipes and obstacles visible across the wall.

In most situations, you do not need planning permission to add a timber pergola to your property.
There are exceptions to this rule if you are in a conservation area for example or your property is listed.

It is always advisable to check with your local council.

We always recommend to get a lean-to that is 0.5m longer than your patio. For example, if your patio is 5m wide and 3m long, the minimum size of the lean-to pergola should be 5m x 3.5m. This additional 0.5m overhang will provide you with an additional shelter against the rain and make the area more useable. Please note, our quotations are based on the size of roof not the patio.
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